Pitt on History

The Home Front

How Potato Pete and Bletchley Park helped save the world. Bletchley Park proved a haven for bridge players and crossword addicts. Bletchley Heath. A place that has earned it’s place […]

A Memory of Churchill

Memories are made of this. And there is no more THIS than Winston Spencer Churchill. Winston with his Darling Clementine. Major events are said to leave a thumb print on […]

Pitt’s Wild West

Was the Wild West as wild as it is cracked up to be? How would the legendary gun slingers fare on a Saturday night out in Swindon? And why was […]

Old Mother Shipton

Ma Shipton was the acknowledged ugliest woman in Britain. What took her from the obscure cave in Yorkshire to scaring the pants off Henry Vlll in London? Mother Shipton Old […]

The Lady Who Won the War

She was the pretty seventh daughter of a Warehouse Man in Camberwell, but she grew up to give Winston Churchill a cheque for £1,500,000 and expected a kiss for it. […]

Oradour Sur Glane

There were so many ‘crimes of the century’ committed in the 20th Century that it is hard to point a finger at the worst atrocity. What happened in the tiny […]

Headlines as History

Before you throw the newspaper that has been in the bottom of the bird cage for as long as you can remember, read the headline – it could be worth […]