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Ingrid's Own Obituary

Ingrid Pitt’s own, self-penned obituary, written for an American newspaper. Ingrid Pitt was destined for great things. A brilliant and innovative surgeon who never-the-less found time to work among the […]

Paris in the Springtime

The Homage was ego inflating but the deluge looked like shrinking it and the flowing wine didn’t do the old green jacket any favours. Alfresco art exhibition on one of […]

Under the Southern Cross

Manuel de Anchorena used to be Argentine Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Back home his influence was much more all-encompassing. Anchorena’s Irish wife, Annie. “On this Estancia it […]

Persian Nights

The question remains – should I have taken the sapphires? Or just be satisfied with the award? The award was nice but I still think about the jewels. A question […]

When are we now?

From the Pyramids of Egypt to Flying Saucers and Aliens from a Galaxy far, far away, Science Fiction or, as Forry Ackermann named it more intimately, SCiFi, has it all. […]

Hole in the Wall Pub

  Bread and dripping was the favoured snack but how did the customers feel when they found out where it came from? The old saw about not being able to […]