Elvis and Ingrid

Did Uri Geller find his reputation for spoon bending a liability when he bought a metal, unproduced Elvis record that twas recorded before he became King, had been bent in […]

Mutiny on the Stina Sapoo

It was all going so well! Big plans, some knowledgeable shipmates, well financed – and then a lawyer wanted to join the happy crew and ………… The dry dock at […]

Under the Southern Cross

Manuel de Anchorena used to be Argentine Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Back home his influence was much more all-encompassing. Anchorena’s Irish wife, Annie. “On this Estancia it […]

Now you see it.....

  John Frankenheimer was a great collector of model cars. When someone pinched them that was the end of my film. The late, great, John Frankenheimer It’s funny how other […]

Ingrid, Circus MC

Dressed in spangles and a top hat Ingrid was a wow! But should she have taken that last elephant ride? Elephants galore. If I think of a collector, doesn’t matter […]

If Only...

Ingrid laments getting rid of some tasty cars she has owned and laments that she never got some high profile autographs to put aside for her old age. The real […]

Nearest the Bull

All Ingrid had to do was trot around the Bull Ring and wave to the crowd, what could be simpler? A magnificent entrance. Every so often the Spanish have a […]

Well and Truly Wassailed

I’ve just been well and truly Wassailed. At least I think I have. I hadn’t even heard of Wassailing until I got a phone call from Peter Hartnoll who owns […]