My provenance for writing a story in a book dedicated to Vampires of various persuasions goes back to a murky night Autumnal in the middle of the 20th. Century. The […]

Bend it like Uri

Uri found that his fame as a spoon bender had gone before him when he bought an original Elvis recording on a metal disc. Uri shows the witches balls. I […]

And Even More Ken Russell

Ken thinks John the Baptist is a Horror story. He didn’t know about Ingrid’s book, Annul Domini, due out in 2012. (See PART TWO OF INGRID PITT’S REVEALING INTERVIEW […]

More Ken Russell

There’s no need for probing questions when Ken Russell’s around. He has an exciting story to tell and he means to tell it. IN A SPECIAL FEATURE, INGRID PITT DISCUSSES […]

Ken Russell

The infamous Ken Russell, Ingrid Pitt, a bottle of wine and a host of out of work Opera Singers as waiters and what have you got….? Cuddly Ken Russell A […]