My provenance for writing a story in a book dedicated to Vampires of various persuasions goes back to a murky night Autumnal in the middle of the 20th. Century. The […]

Paris in the Springtime

The Homage was ego inflating but the deluge looked like shrinking it and the flowing wine didn’t do the old green jacket any favours. Alfresco art exhibition on one of […]

Under the Southern Cross

Manuel de Anchorena used to be Argentine Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Back home his influence was much more all-encompassing. Anchorena’s Irish wife, Annie. “On this Estancia it […]

Persian Nights

The question remains – should I have taken the sapphires? Or just be satisfied with the award? The award was nice but I still think about the jewels. A question […]

On the Dracula Trail

Ok, you can stand down now. Forget practising your forelock tugging and curtsying. The Count, or at least his professed representative in Transylvania, Nicholae Paduraru, blew me out. The promise […]